What Algae Is This?? How To Fix It?

Discussion in 'Algae' started by tirtha1979, Jan 4, 2009.

  1. tirtha1979

    tirtha1979 New Member

    Delhi, India
    What Algae is this?? It's all over the Rocks and Woods like Dust and small cotton thread. As well as the same algae is forming a thin layer of dust on Plant leaves. But this is not at all stubborn. If I rub fingure it's coming out easily and If I put ant plants under tap water the algae is getting washed out like Deep green water. What is this? How to get rid of it?



    This is nither BGA nor Hair Algae.

    Tank is running with 3WPG MH light and EI dosing with pressurised CO2 fixed at 170BPM speed.
  2. hawkeye96

    hawkeye96 New Member

    I have same problem with my 30cm nano.Not only at rock, but at glass & plant also. I think this is a Green Dust Algae (not sure about this)

    I make spot treatment with H2O2, 2 day later this algae turn white and slowly disappear. But i can't remove all of this algae with H2O2, because it's already take over all my aquarium :(
  3. aaronnorth

    aaronnorth New Member

    It is green dust algae, caused by low nutrients, low CO2, poor flow and common in new setups.

    How long has the tank been setup?
    Is your drop checker green?
    How is the CO2 diffused?
    What is your turnover rate?
  4. tirtha1979

    tirtha1979 New Member

    Delhi, India
    Thanks for the reply Aaron. The tank is arround 45 days old. But this problem started after 20days of setup. I rip out all the tank and redo it after washing all the plants. But within a day it came back. Water turned greenish and getting green froth on water surface too.

    Now coming back to your questions.

    Drop Checker is light green always. I am diffusing CO2 with DyMax internal reactor and it's doing a great work.

    My tank is 120G and using Eheim 2217 for filteration. Just to increase the water circulation, I am using another Powerhead(1000LPH).

    I am really clueless. Plants are growing fine but covered with this algae. :boo:
  5. Al G. Begone

    Al G. Begone New Member

    McKinney, Texas
    I'd focus on improving flow, nutrient control, lighting, water changes etc. until this resolves itself.
    To maintain during the stabilization time I would have an algae team of nerite snails and plecos to get things cleaned up.
    The nerite snails can only reproduce in brackish water, and you can get plecos that don't grow huge.
  6. tirtha1979

    tirtha1979 New Member

    Delhi, India
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