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Total Novice First Tank

Discussion in 'General Aquascaping and Planted Tank Discussions' started by Di Sen, Jan 14, 2015.

  1. Di Sen

    Di Sen New Member

    Jan 14, 2015
    Likes Received:
    Shanghai, China
    Thank you so much for the continued support guys, it's very kind of you to take your time to help me out.

    Shadow: regarding the rotalas, I think they are doing just as well as always. I think your observations are because of two reasons; uneven trimming. and a small powerhead i added in the back right corner (you can see it in last photo) has created a current which is pushing them forward.

    Thanks for the info about nitrates, you always manage to explain things in a very intelligible way. I will continue to research more on my own, I may or may not bother to get a different/better nitrate test.

    Supercoley: don't be so modest, your tanks are amazing.. I learned a lot from all of your posts and pictures you've posted.

    I'll be sure to post more weekly/bi-weekly update pics. You guys might be tired of me but I think this thread would be useful for other beginners who stumble across it. I'm thinking about editing my original post of this thread and turn it into a FAQ of all the useful lessons I've learned over the course of this thread.
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