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The Sum of My First Year Aquascaping

Discussion in 'Aquascaping Journals' started by KatieK, Aug 7, 2014.

  1. KatieK

    KatieK Aspiring Aquascaper

    Aug 23, 2013
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    Salt Lake City
    Hello all,

    I'm back after about a year. I've been looking at my pictures of the progression of my tank and decided to start a journal.

    It was fun looking at those pictures, back where I started. Judging my tank from them, I've always had an algae problem, but I suspect a lot of people do. My original design, pictured below, didn't last long. I think it grew every type of algae imaginable. I still like that design; it was designed after my favorite stream in West Virginia. I tried several different kinds of plants after the Cambomba died. I never did care for that plant.

    Well, I eventually gave up on this design. Earlier this year, I had had enough of the algae, especially the green spot algae. I bought a 10gal quarantine tank, put all my fish in it and took apart the whole planted tank. I think it took 6 hours. I washed the filter, the substrate and the glass. We even debated moving it to another room, but alas, it stayed put. I put all the plants and the rocks in a tub with water with some algaecide because at this point I was starting to get black beard algae.

    It's worth mentioning that over Christmas break I went back to Wyoming to visit my parents and the person who was supposed to be watching let 10gal out of a 30gal tank evaporate. This left the spray bar totally above water and, therefore, let the CO2 escape into the room. For the longest time after that I had CO2 regulation issues and ended up killing two tetras.

    The second design, pictured below, I came up with definitely had a tropical feel. Though, I knew when I bought them, they were going to be difficult to cultivate. I was right most of them died/melted in a few weeks. The rest, the red plants, last a few months. Overall, the design didn't fare well. However, I did pick out two pieces of driftwood for that design that I like and have been able to work with since.
    IMG_0089[1].JPG IMG_0092[1].JPG

    So, now I've come to the current "design." Truthfully, it's not so much designed, as it is a hopeful conglomerate of plants that are easy to grow. I went into the store and said I need plants that are hardy and also picked out a few that I've had success with in other tanks. I walked out with these: IMG_0105[1].JPG that was June 26th. Water Sprite or Ceratopteris Thalictroides, Wisteria or Hygrophila difformis, Giant Hairgrass or Eleocharis montevidensis, and one mystery plant that was mislabeled at the wisteria, plus the two anubis. Unfortunately I had to pull the giant hairgrass and the anubis out due to blackbeard algae. I was able to replant the giant hairgrass today with the water change. I can't get the bba off the anubis. I might just have to get rid of it. Here is what my tank looks like today: IMG_0112[1].JPG IMG_0111[1].JPG . It is chaotic; I recognize that. It's way over grown. I'm not sure what to do with all the water sprite. The betta loves it. I've taken to calling it betta weeds, because it seems like it was made for betta. The wisteria is slow growing I'm waiting for that to mature. It turned out that there was very little of the wisteria, but a ton of the lily pad like plants and they're a ground cover?! I've tried looking them up, but to no avail.

    That is my year long progression of my tank. I'm very proud of it, in a very embarrassed sort of way. I'm not sure what to do with all the overgrowth. I think I need to up my CO2, but I'm nervous to do so, because of what happened earlier this year. I'd like to eradicate the bba; I hate it so much. However, I'm glad I found plants that I can grow. I think my fish are also happy with the tank; I know the frog is.

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