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Rules for giving critique (Please read before posting/commenting)

Discussion in 'Critique My Aquascape' started by Anti-Pjerrot, Sep 24, 2008.

  1. Anti-Pjerrot

    Anti-Pjerrot New Member

    Feb 25, 2008
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    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Please read before posting/commenting!

    Since this sub forum is all about giving and receiving critique, we need to have some simple guidelines on how to make things easy for all.

    The purpose is that the poster gets the best feedback as possible.

    There are some things that need to be done from both the posters side and the commenter’s side, before good feedback can be given. We have made some simple rules that should be followed or at least considered before posting or commenting:

    Posting rules:
    Before you post a thread about your tank in order to receive good critique, its beneficial to help commenters with some basic information and pictures. These are some basic things you, as a poster should have in the post:

    A full tank shot - good quality.
    This is also called the full frontal. The commenter can only get a good impression from a full shot in good quality.

    A list of equipment, plants and livestock.
    (To evaluate is the choice of those are well matched)

    A description of the goal and purpose of the aquascape.
    In order to have more material to comment on, this information is some of the most important. We as commenters can directly evaluate your intermediate goals and give precise comments on that, based on the photo and equipment/plants ect.

    Commenter rules.
    The thread is made in order for the aquascaper to get feedback whether the things done live up to the goals and purpose of the aquascape. Simple comments about plant growth contra goals are great feedback. If you can see that a specific plant will get too big or other, these are good things to comment on. That is simple and easy good feedback. This is constructive criticism.

    Constructive criticism.
    Should include some arguments that follow general principles of Aquascaping, plant growth or just basic taste based on a good example.

    Be honest.
    Please just speak from the heart and don’t consider that you might upset some ones feelings. Think of it like talking for an hour with a phone salesman and you don’t buy anything. You waste time.

    Use good arguments and not just descriptions of what you feel.
    Don't use comments like : "Great tank", "Nice", "fantastic", "crap", "horrible" ect.
    This will make people happy or sad, but definitely not make them better aquascapers.
    A good argument is based on basic stuff, like plant growth contra equipment. Plant placement, hardscape placement, plant choice ect. Things that are considered basic aquascaper knowledge.


    If you want to give a comment, but don't feel like your comment will help - just do it anyway. You can also ask a question, even one you might find stupid. It could be that the question was just the one that gave the poster a good idea or released an answer that opened a good discussion.

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