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My 6 gallon Book shelf aquascape

Discussion in 'Aquascaping Showcase' started by devocole, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. devocole

    devocole New Member

    This is the aquascape that i look at when i'm at my desk working on the computer.


    Cryptocoryne willissii
    Jave fern
    Java moss
    Hygrophila polysperma
    Pogostermon helferi

    6 neon tetra
    1 Ramshorn snail
    2 pigmy cory
    1 otocinclus

    Occasional flourish excel


    I've been playing with it for 8 months or so and am finally happy with the layout. Right now i'm having a starphire 36*18*18 built. I'm addicted.

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  2. devocole

    devocole New Member

    How do you guys add such nice big pics on your posts.
  3. Tsunami35

    Tsunami35 New Member

    Davis, CA
    Go to the aquatic photos section, upload your pics, then use the embed feature on your post.

    I like the tank, nice use of a small space, especially with low light.
  4. John N.

    John N. Administrator Staff Member

    Yup, that's correct. Just go to our ASW Photo Gallery, upload your photo, and copy/paste the complete url to your picture withing the the IMG tags. I went ahead and uploaded one of the photos for you.

    Some parts of the scape look a little unbalanced in terms of blending of the plants, but your planted aquarium looks nice with healthy plants. I would work more on filling in the the left side, and getting the downoi to work better with the scape. I especially like the massive amounts of crypts in the background. Good job!

    -John N.
  5. Guillermo

    Guillermo New Member

    Mexico City
    Welcome to the club bro, LOL. :proud:
  6. devocole

    devocole New Member

    Thanks replying guys. That tank i've just been experiementing with. The hygro grows like a weed but everything else is quite a bit slower. I bought fluorite today and i may see how that helps. I didn't really plan that scape. Pretty much just pieced it together getting this here and that there. The tank right now has alot of algae. I've taken more initiative and have been adding ei more effectively and checking the water parameters every day to see whats wrong. Planted tanks are not easy thats for sure. Right now i'm building a DIY background to set up a 5 gallon palaudarium. Just another little experiement. I'm also trying to harvest daphnia. This hobby is far too addictiing for me. Could be worse though.

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