my 20 gal bowfront

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    this is a pic from my aquarium, up and running for about a 3 angels, 4 neons, 2 dwarf gurami, a catfish and 2 violonist crabs and 5 snails. I Have made a custom cover, with 90 x 1w led (30 deep blue, 30 red and 30 clear white) and 4 x 20w yellowish white for a total of 160w, all color independently controlled by 4 dimmers. (which im in the process of interfacing with a PIC for a fully automated day/nght light simulation)
    filtration is a marineland c-160 canister filter.
    thats my first aquarium, I think its good looking, but I'd like to hear some comments.

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  2. moss_maniac

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    Germany, Bavaria
    It's really magically :bling:
    How did you do the waterfall in the background?
  3. Flo

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    Evelyn, i think that are bubbles from the airstone :D.

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