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  1. gregalon

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    Hello. A strange request.
    I have been doing aquariums for a while but for an art project (a big one!) I would like to do an aquascape (as the theme is landscape).
    To make it more arty I would create the mountains (thats the look im going for) using a dark, rough textured clay and then putting it in the blast furnace. Would this be ok if I eventually wanted to put shrimp in it?
    and if not would it be ok just to put in an aquarium with plants?

    the style im going for is the mountaneous aquarium by: peter kirwan
    AquaScaping World Magazine - Interview with Peter Kirwan
    obviously it wont be as good!
    please help otherwise I can't advance
  2. royvd

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  3. gregalon

    gregalon New Member

    no worries im belgian (even though i live in london) so i can understand thanks
  4. Garuf

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    Leeds, England.
    I think most purists would scoff and shudder at the idea, I often do but for me it has a time and a place, normally when it's simply impossible to achieve what you want without using natural occurring rocks/plants. George recently did an iwagumi with fake rock, this is a good example.
    Vivariums, especially, this is well trodden ground but aquascapers tend to be much more driven to remove non-real stuff, something I'm sure is a backlash at having plastic divers and castles and wanting to get as far away from that and it's connotations as possible.

    The other thing to consider is you may well find it cheaper to just buy the rocks... For me a huge consideration.
  5. gregalon

    gregalon New Member

    Hi garuf thanks for replying! I completely agree with you as I too think that natural rocks will look 1000 times better but its an art project so I have to make something and the teacher wanted me to make the rocks out of clay :( I am hoping that because its rugged it wont be too bad.

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