Growing Cryptocorynes Emersed

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  1. John N.

    John N. Administrator Staff Member

    Please discuss and comment on Jose María Romero León Growing Cryptocorynes Emersed here.


    -John N.
  2. Pat7676

    Pat7676 New Member

    This is a good article i think i may try this i have some of these in my tank now. They have produced a few babys in my tank but they are growing super slow the new ones.
  3. Brian

    Brian New Member

    Im, read all the article. Its very good photos and information. Today I bough the materias and build the green house but not only for cryptos, Im want for varios species. Im made someting like the diagram a pump, pots and all of this in a closed clear container. I use potting mix 50% and peat 50% . I washed the soil and the peat but the green house water gets dirty. Im going to make a few water changes. im have a few questions:

    the java moss is used live or dead, if used live it going to dead or not?

    when the plants needs fertilizer?

    I used Cycle and put in the water and the soil, it will going to live or no?

    I put a few acuatic plants today
  4. Orlando

    Orlando Supporting Member

    Great read John. Thanks
  5. Garhan

    Garhan New Member

    Here is a site for a good idea in a Ebb and Flow Systems for growing aquatic plants emersed.

    Build Your Own Hydroponics System | BGHydro

    All clear dome needs to be set on top to help keep the humidity up.

    Swords and cypts do very well in this system. I have also in the past grown riccia, glosso, HC and several varieties of stem plants in the system. Plant growth can be very extreme at times.

    I dose with a good Hydroponics fertilizer and do weekly or bi weekly water changes.

    Currently my system has been greatly neglected and is full of both BG algae and duckweed. $I will regenerate this system as soon as the weather here get steady enough to grow outside again, likely that would be the beginning of June.
  6. metscaper

    metscaper New Member

    hi. i am from the philippines and i am currently limting my plants to anubias, cryptocorynes and marsileas. my previous tanks which had almost everything in it, is reduced to vallis and sagittaria so my other plants are now emersed. i have my cryptos growing in buckets with no covers. they are fine as long as they have their roots in wet soil. my coffefolia is in a pot that is not even water logged. pictured below are anubias hastifolia and crypto usteriana growing in paint buckets.[​IMG][​IMG]
  7. Garhan

    Garhan New Member

    hello Metscaper,

    I would think that your relative humidity is considerably higher in the Philipinnes than it would be in most temperate northern climates or in areas well inland from large bodies of water. Here in Canada and 1200 km from the Pacific Ocean and 4500 km from the Atlantic Ocean. Therefore we are an extremely dry climate with 30-40% humidity at best on most days. And even dryer in the winter at 10% on a good day. I have to keep the humidity up so that the plants dont completely dry out and wilt away. I cant spray them as often as I would need to, so that there would be some moisture on the plant leaves.
    The plants pretty much have to be in a container with a moisture seal of some type to keep the humidity up.
    I wish I could grow them the way you are able to in your enviornment. But I would probably swelter in the heat and humidity myself.
  8. Orlando

    Orlando Supporting Member


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