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dead shrimp

Discussion in 'Shrimp and Invertz' started by tws, Jun 15, 2010.

  1. tws

    tws New Member

    May 19, 2010
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    soutern oregon

    iam new to this forum and new to cherry shrimp.

    today my single cherry shrimp died.

    it has appeared healthy and active for the last month in my heavily planted bowl fountain.

    i added three cherry shrimp (purchased from local store) a month ago and only one survived the transition. this single shrimp had been fine until today.

    early on i put small pieces of algae wafer into the tank but they refused to eat it so i discontinued the feeding, figuring they could find enough to eat on the many plants available. there appears to be some algae and snails appeared recently and are doing fine.


    anyway i'd like to know if this shrimp died of starvation or some other unknown...

    my water parameters appear fine taken only moments after the shrimp died…

    ammonia = 0
    nitrite = 0
    nitrate = 0
    ph = 7.6

    every week i've added a low dose of excel flourish for the plants. until today it has not appeared to have a deleterious effect on the shrimp.

    during the last two days (bob) my very red cherry shrimp has been hanging out on the tops of healthy water sprite and not swimming about as is his/her usual activity...

    the only other factors that may effect water parameters (I have no way of testing for copper etc…) are a large stone in my fountain and a couple of small rust spots on two galvanized steel wire baskets that are suspended into the water and which contain luffa sponge and peace lillys…

    can anyone illuminate what i might have done wrong or give me more information that i can use to test my aquarium and thus the reason for this singular death?

    Of course it may have just been a natural death…

    thanks for any help...

    funeral services are being held this afternoon...

  2. John N.

    John N. Administrator Staff Member

    Oct 30, 2007
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    It sounds like the water parameters are in check. It could be:

    * Acclimation to new setup (be sure to do a drip-line setup to condition shrimp to new environment)
    * Water temperature (perhaps to hot or too cold?)
    * Food (try using a different brand algae wafer)
    * Low oxygen levels (not enough circulation via filter or poor aeration)

    I don't think the stone or rusting wire are a major concern.

    -John N.

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