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Dan's First Nano Scape

Discussion in 'Aquascaping Journals' started by Nacho Heeledge, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. Nacho Heeledge

    Nacho Heeledge New Member

    Jan 31, 2013
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    Well after much debate I finally decided to give Aquascaping a real try (thanks Stu-sworrall)!

    I have a 21ltr nano tank and plan on detailing my progress/failures here.

    After being persuaded by the other half I ended up getting a Fluval Edge 21ltr tank in white. Below is the tank in place in our kitchen:


    Ok so first problem, the opening on the top of the tank is quite small and the piece of wood I bought wouldn't fit in the gap. Que. junior hacksaw and lots of cutting.


    Anyway after the cutting and testing it fits (and more cutting...) it was time to add the substrate.

    I went for a tropia substrate, mainly due to cost (I have Ada Amazonia in my big tank and it isn't cheap)


    This is the substrate levelled out to a 1cm thickness


    I then cleared a gap of roughly 1 inch around the edges so you wouldn't see the substrate through the glass


    Then it was time for the gravel. I went for a black sand gravel with a grain size of approx 3mm


    Black gravel levelled out.


    Next I put the heater and co2 diffuser in place, I went for a fluval mini co2 system as this is my first attempt of a proper planted tank.


    Next were the rocks


    And then the modified piece of wood


    I had this grand idea of a white path coming out of a cave, this is my carefully adding the white gravel


    Path in place


    Final setup of hard scape.


    Now after this was done I went away and came back a while later. Needless to say I realised it was very cluttered in there and I didn't like the cave I made.

    So after a few redesigns and removing most of the white gravel I have settled with the below.


    Next is plants but I will update once I decide what to get etc.

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