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Charity 3/$29 sale

Discussion in 'RootMedic' started by Over_stocked, Dec 9, 2010.

  1. Over_stocked

    Over_stocked ASW Sponsor

    Sep 12, 2010
    Likes Received:
    $10 of every order from now till Saturday Morning will go to Toys For Tots!
    If you don't want RootMedic, at least donate to the Toys for Tots program(either online or through a local chapter!)

    I am working a 36 hour shift, and because of this feeling generous. Someone should have a good day... not going to be me! I've already had to change my uniform once!

    36 hours only, late night special! 3 packs of RootMedic Complete for 29 bucks!

    PM email justin@rootmedic.net for details.

    ONE order equals 3 packs/$29. Nearly $20 off!

    About RootMedic Complete:
    PURCHASE by adding ONE of THIS ITEM to your cart. Shipping is FREE(be advised that shipping will no longer be free after the 1st of the year).

    This is the last super duper awesome deal of the year. Promise. It will end sometime between midnight tomorrow(friday) and 6am on Saturday Morning.

    These orders will ship on Monday or Tuesday!

    Dry Nutrients | RootMedic?

    SHIPPING FREE IN USA, Canada, and Mexico. Please email justin@rootmedic.net for other shipping quotes!

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