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Beginner or Nano Shrimp keeping kit

Discussion in 'Shrimp and Invertz' started by Shaner28, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. Shaner28

    Shaner28 New Member

    Sep 13, 2012
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    Hey All,

    Was wondering what everyone would recommend for someone in the United States to purchase for an intro to keeping shrimp. I see alot of people like Dennerle but I cant seem to find anywhere that its affordably sold in the States. Is there any kit/place/brand whatever you all have tried or would suggest, that is sold in the U.S. I know Fluval makes a kit, but alot of you dont like them.

  2. robert.innes

    robert.innes New Member

    Feb 12, 2013
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    The Fluval Shrimp tank kit is quite good acctualy bought one a while back and it works like a dream would recomend you get a tthermostate as the dont come with one (if you live somewere were it gets cold) would also put a piece of foam or stocking over the inlet of the filter as if you are lucky enough to get offspring they will get sucked in as the gaps are bigger than then, i found the ladies stockings/pantihose does the trick well, i also run a small amount of co2, i think they are great and carpet panted look great
  3. CatfishSoupFTW

    CatfishSoupFTW Aspiring Aquascaper

    May 25, 2011
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    I too actually had the Fluval one.. Fluval EBI. I liked it, kit was it was fairly well, but just after a few months, I kept everything, but ditched the tank. I dunno, wasnt feeling the acrylic too much. the edges had lots of distortion. so I just bought a starfire 10 gallon tank.

    so now my kit is,

    10 gallon starfire
    Fluval 13 watt clip lamp
    4 bags of 2.2kg fluval SHRIMP stratum (not the planted one)

    and the internal filter... replaced it with a 2213 I had laying around but the internal filter was great actually, may use it again.

    its a good kit, but if you buy everything else and choose your own tank, then I would suggest that. Im working on the co2, and plant growth etc before I introduce shrimp, but thats how I have been doin.

    good luck.
  4. JohnnyWales

    JohnnyWales New Member

    Mar 23, 2012
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    Shane,Building the pieces yourself is much much cheaper.

    I started shrimping 6 months ago, I now have 4 15litre tanks with painted reds, blue aura, sakura and grade SS CRS.

    they need very little, and id advise you get to understand a simple species like Red Cherries before aiming to breed or scape a masterpiece.

    My first tank, I got a small piece of pvc pipe and used sealant to create a kind of "teepee" of driftwood sticks all over it. I then wrapped the sticks in moss and dropped it in the middle of the tank.

    Using diy o2, $6 total for whole setup, the moss grew beautifully and swayed from the bubbles of the sponge filter.

    Really u can build a beautiful simple shrimp haven for a third of retail setups.

    All i will recommend is

    1. go sponge filter, dirt cheap - all u need is a air pump to drive it.
    2. use soil substrate. They will play with, pick at it, eat micro morsels off it all day. It will also encourage breeding and stabilise the water with good bacteria.

    Tank 30x30x30
    Sponge filter
    air pump
    pv pipe
    tub of java moss
    desktop lamp (ikea)
    soil substrate (ebi gold or fluval stratum etc)
    heater (depending on your climate - London is -2 degrees at the moment!)

    I hope this helps!

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