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Aquascaping styles (Forgotten and Current)

Discussion in 'General Aquascaping and Planted Tank Discussions' started by John N., Apr 8, 2008.

  1. John N.

    John N. Administrator Staff Member

    From what I gather, if you look through the Aquascaping Showcase each of the tanks are more or less based on the Nature Style or Dutch Aquascaping Style. True. These scapes are beautiful aquascapes and inspirational, but something is very wrong here. There are more than two aquascaping styles in our Aquascaping World people! Let see, what aquascaping styles are out there...
    I'm sure there are more styles and derivatives of the above that I have not mentioned. Do you know them?

    Like I said before, many of these styles are often overlooked and shadowed by Dutch and Nature Style aquascapes. So much in fact that I do not believe there is a distinctive American Style, South American Style, UK Style, etc. It seems like these aquascaping are copied again and again each year. The aquascapes in the South Asia i.e Vietnam are developing a new style from what I can tell. It is a Nature based style, but with more vibrant colors.

    How come no one focuses on or creates the other types of layouts, Are the different styles not popular, or worthy of winning aquascaping competitions? ::-?:

    -John N.
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  2. Anti-Pjerrot

    Anti-Pjerrot New Member

    This is a very overlooked issue for me. When I has to explain the styles, im on deep water in some of the styles. It will be very nice to have a more definitive discussion on the styles and what rules that aplies to them.

    Very nice subject
  3. landstrykeren

    landstrykeren New Member

    Good job John, this was intresting!
  4. zeneo

    zeneo New Member

    Great threads John.

    What about the Iwagumi?

    Filipe Oliveira some months ago in a portuguese forum launched a small contest he called "underwater landscape". Something simillar to what he get with his "syrah". From a picture of a terrestrial landscape we had to try to make it underwater.
  5. Roy Deki

    Roy Deki New Member

    Chandler AZ
    Very good topic and multiple threads John!!
  6. John N.

    John N. Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks everyone, I hope people will enjoy these threads and learn the different styles. Hopefully, we'll see more aquascapers sharing their ideas and aquascapes of these respective styles. I for one, would love to learn more about each of these styles. I've only gave a brief summary of the styles, please feel discuss them in depth. *hint, hint* :)

    Iwagumi is another style that should be up there. To my understanding, it's a branch off of Zen Gardening.

    -John N.
  7. tinkerman

    tinkerman New Member

    Thanks for posting this John. I now have an idea of what style I can say I use ffor aquascaping and know what others I might try in the future.
  8. dougz

    dougz New Member

    mackenzie, BC
    Thanks for the breakdown, John!

    Interesting stuff...
  9. Fish-Scapes.com

    Fish-Scapes.com Supporting Member

    The aquascaping style I like incorporates genuine untreated rough gemstones, mostly quartz which comes in different colors and has positive metaphysical benefits for plants ,fish and the caretakers.
  10. Robert Hudson

    Robert Hudson ASW Sponsor

    where is Iwagumi?
  11. Anti-Pjerrot

    Anti-Pjerrot New Member

    We havent decided yet :)

    I think John wants it under Zen aquascaping. I see it more under the Nature Aquarium style.

    What do you think?
  12. Shadow

    Shadow Moderator Staff Member

    Maybe put under it own category, Iwagumi style
  13. Ubaca

    Ubaca New Member

    Zen Garden Aquascapes (discuss this style)

    John: Excellent. Good job
  14. otagoth

    otagoth New Member

    Cebu Philippines
    Im trying to do felipe oliveira style tree thingie. Lets just hope i make it. I wanna post my tank and how its going but i still dont know how to post a new thread HAHAH! Im a noob.
  15. Supercoley1

    Supercoley1 Moderator Staff Member

    Lincoln, UK
    What no Jungle Style? I thought Jungle was one of the main 3!!! Dutch, Nature, Jungle.

    Iwagumi to me is part of the Nature Style as is Taiwanese IMO.

  16. user367

    user367 New Member

    about style

    I think as Supercoley1
  17. gruanch

    gruanch New Member

    One of the most common but shunned would have to be the ornament and fake plant style which clearly to a true aqaurist is a big no no, but in reality many people around the world sport this style and attempt to create something with these objects

    I shall run and hide now ;)
  18. Phoolish

    Phoolish New Member

    great thread and lots of nice picture i still dont know which one to pic for my first ten grrr:punched:
  19. plantbrain

    plantbrain Aspiring Aquascaper

    California, USA
    Ought to use landscaping gardening divisions. As this is where Amano gets most of the designs for the styles seen at ADA as well as most "styles" no matter who it is.

    Japanese gardening, Chinese gardening, European gardening, various forms, locations etc, different native species(eg desert species, cool wet fern species) depending on location etc.

    We have more control than many landscapers since we have total environmental control, but a rock Iwagumiis hardly derived from aquascapers, it's origins and history are far far older.

    Pick up a gardening book and I think you'll see these ideas are far from novel, they have been applied to submersed scapes, but the design, ideas are not much different.

    You will find much more discussion in such text on the topic, misconceptions(oh my my, there are many) and style/aesthetics.

    Tom Barr
  20. PeterB01

    PeterB01 New Member

    I agree with John. But I do believes, also the availability of several to use of plants for realize their scape do accounts as well. Believes me, when all of us are able to scape an aquarium at the way we like, we all shall be amazed about shown creativities in scaping of natural aquaria and paludaria as well. But please, stay honest, for the most mortals it is just an matter of available money what can be used for this "Hobby aberration"..

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