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Aqua Bloggin

Discussion in 'The Aqua Lounge' started by Robert Hudson, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. Robert Hudson

    Robert Hudson ASW Sponsor

    May 23, 2008
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    Some of you I am sure know my ten year old web site, Aqua Botanic, which was a web site selling aquatic plants in the USA. A few months ago the business was closed, and I have been in the process of of turning the web site into a mega blog. Well, the new site is finally kickin off!

    Aqua Botanic is now Aqua Bloggin, and hosts 8 different blogs relating to freshwater aquaria. Not only does it cover the planted tank hobby, but also Cichlids, fish collecting trips, freshwater fish in general and inverts.

    The blogs are written by a team of volunteer contributing writers all of which are leading experts in their fields. Many are published writers for TFH and AFI magazines, and pioneering researchers and hobbyists.

    Most of the contributing writers are American, but we are reaching out to people across the globe. One of our international contributors is from Spain: Matt Ford who is a researcher and fish expert, and has the web site www.seriouslyfish.com He is not only providing fish profiles, but his experiences collecting wild fish in Spain.

    In addition to the blogs, we are posting unique podcasts and videos. Our first podcast is a detailed talk on how to design,set up, and maintain an Iwagumi aquascape.

    I invite everyone to visit the site, offer suggestions, and if you would like to be a contributing writer please let me know.

    Here are some of the writers so far:
    Mo Devlin, President American Cichlid Association
    Ted Judy, writer for TFH
    Stan Sung, writer for TFH
    Joshua Wiegert writer for AFI and TFH
    Mark Denaro, President Anubias Design and writer for TFH
    Diana Walstad, Author Ecology of the Planted Aquarium
    Alesia Benedict, former writer for FAMA magazine
    Brian Perkins, President WildPeru expeditions
    Eric Hanneman, writer for TFH magazine
    Robert Paul Hudson, writer for TFH magazine
    Mary Sweeney, author and former Editor of TFH magazine
    and several plant people yet to be announced

    If you are an accomplished aquascaper and would like to share your work and thoughts to our audience, please let us know. All blog posts are allowed to link back to any web site, and will be feature on our link page and contributing author page. Business owners are given free advertising space for a limited time.

    Aqua Botanic's Aqua Bloggin
  2. Jurijs mit JS

    Jurijs mit JS Admin Staff Member

    Jul 10, 2008
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    Great news,
    but I somehow canĀ“t subscribe to RSS, please help

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