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75 gallon trial and error

Discussion in 'Critique My Aquascape' started by murdocmason, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. murdocmason

    murdocmason New Member

    Jun 8, 2011
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    Hydesville, CA
    Hey everybody I'm new to the site but I look forward to gaining as much knowledge as possible thx all for checking my tank out and please feel free to comment

    Tank size 75 gallon Aqueon
    300 watt stealth in tank heater
    Lights= 4x54 watt T5HO 11 hrs on
    Filtration= Cascade 1000 setup as spray bar across the back I believe 295 GPH + A Fluval in tank filter that is huge not sure what the GPH is but it makes a lot of water movement.
    2 powerheads for water movement 1 Koralia and another is a brand i cant read
    Inert sandblasting sand w/root tabs
    Pressurized Co2 @ 2.5 BPS per sec through a glass diffuser
    50% waterchange weekly on sunday with distilled ph'd tap water for micro minerals
    No3= 25-35 ppm
    Co2 is about 30 ppm as I understand. The drop checker is light green so I would presume its close to good

    Feed= spirulina and tubiflex worms

    Taxiphyllum barbieri
    Lemna minor
    Nesaea sp. 'Red Leaved'
    Hygrophila corymbosa 'angustifolia'
    Hygrophilia Kompacta
    Anubias nana var. 'Petite'
    Blyxa aubertii
    Nymphaea Lotus 'Red'
    Staurogyne stolonifera

    2 Tiretrack eels 'Mastacembelus armatus'
    3 Clown Loaches
    3 neon tetra
    7 cardinal tetra
    10 rummynose tetra
    2 bushey nose plecos
    5 albino cats
    2 Freshwater Flounders 'Trinectes maculatus'
    2 German Blue Rams
    3 hastatus catfish
    2 Leopard Catfish
    8 Siamese algae eaters
    3 baloon mollies
    as you can see I'm in the process of having to remove some due to over population my brother had to move so I got all his fish

    Fert schedule= EI dosing + CSM+b for micros 3x a week

    Tank has been running for about 2 yrs. The hardscape is a piece of DW I found in a river locally not sure what kind of wood it is but it isnt leeching anything into my water so I'm happy plus it looks good =) also there is a few pieces of river quartz for hiding places for the little guys. I'll update as often as I can. thx again for looking

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  2. Addicted

    Addicted New Member

    May 24, 2011
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    Hyderabad, India
    The plants look healthy....soothing to the eye scape:)

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