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60x30x35, a waste revival, called ???

Discussion in 'Aquascaping Journals' started by el_jefe, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. el_jefe

    el_jefe New Member

    Feb 20, 2012
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    hi guys

    a long long time ago, about 2 months :), i started with my first planted aquarium which was a fluval edge 2 with 46 litres of volume. the tank itself was nice to look but not very comfortable to maintain. i also had loads of troubles with algae and other problems, so i decided to sell the tank.

    but what should i do with all the plants (hcc, rotala wallichii, pogostemon helferi amm). didn't want to throw them away.

    a tank with the volume of 60x30x35 cm was still laying in the basement, so i decided to create a 'waste revival', a simple little layout and some space for my plants.

    what did i have for use?


    3xdennerle 11W nano light
    bio co2
    fluval external filter
    some led stuff from ikea

    material for the layout:

    some old pagode stones
    the algae-infected soil, aquatic nature
    some sand
    a few stockings :)


    pogostemon helferi
    pogostemon stellatus
    rotala wallichii
    riccia fluitans
    cabomba caroliniana

    missing parts:

    some furniture to put the tank on
    some glass pipes (lilypipe, intake)

    ok, first of all i built a small cupboard in amano style, but really simple
    then i bought some pvc stuff to create my lily pipe and the intake

    then i put all my soil in the oven to dry it at about 110°C, just wanted to recycle as much as i could ad the soil was to expensive for this kind of aquarium, which should only be an intermediate project....

    the plants were washed and held in a small bowl with a tiny pump and osmotic water in which i put some ferts, hoping the algae would reduce

    after this i started to layout the tank, because i didn't have that much soil i did some base construction with stockings which were filled with old sand which i also baked out....

    a few of the pagode stones, some soil, arranging the plants, which, indeed aren't reall nice anymore, some have some deformations, especially the pog. helferi and added 100% osmotic water which got fertilized with aqua rebell 'spezial N', 'npk' and 'flowgrow'. so i had all the elements in water which were needed...

    ok, this was two days ago and thats how the tank looks now.




    lily and intake


    the aquarium stand


    with the background lightning


    and here a few impressions




    so what do you think? please critique and honour and give me some feedback.

    the whole new project cost me about $40 for material for the diy work

    and i still don't have a name for this project, i think 'waste revival' is to mean for this....

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