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42 Gallon - Mystic Garden

Discussion in 'Aquascaping Journals' started by seetharam, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. seetharam

    seetharam New Member

    Jun 9, 2008
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    Hi All

    Have rescaped my 42 Gallon Tank (Again after 3 months of initially setting it up), With this i think i will be finally freezing on it and wont make any more changes [​IMG] . I have named it "Mystic Garden". Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks.

    Tank Details

    Size: 36*18*18 (Inches)

    Substrate: Laterite at the back topped with regular gravel, ADA Amazonia II in certain places + in the front left hand side (I know its one big mess.....but works for me [​IMG] )

    Filtration: Internal 700 ltr/hr

    Lighting: 2 *24 Watt T5 HO (6000K & 8500K)+DIY Reflector using Aluminium Foil

    CO2: Pressurized, run through a Dymax CO2 Reactor at 1 BPS

    Dosing: Not yet


    Aponogeton Crispus
    Cryptocoryne Wendtii (Brown)
    Cryptocoryne Wendtii (Green)
    Vallisneria Spiralis
    Hemianthus Micranthemoides
    Blyxa Japonica
    Potamogeton Gayii
    Nymphaea sp.'rubra'
    Riccia Fluitans
    Java Moss
    Flame Moss
    Christmas Moss
    Taiwan Moss
    Star Moss
    Microsorum pteropus 'Windelov'
    Anubia Nana
    Anubia Petite
    Anubia x(Dont know the variety)
    Hair Grass

    Fauna: 10 Cardinals, 12 Harlequins, 6 Black Phantoms, 2 Flying Fox, 4-6 Dario Dario's and 10 Amano Shrimps

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  2. Jurijs mit JS

    Jurijs mit JS Admin Staff Member

    Jul 10, 2008
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    realy looks like a mystic garden :D lol
  3. Jdinh04

    Jdinh04 New Member

    Feb 27, 2008
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    East Lansing, MI
    Looks really good, just need the plants to fill in to see how it'll look. Although that branch of driftwood is really interesting haha.
  4. aaronnorth

    aaronnorth New Member

    Jul 11, 2008
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    Nottinghamshire, England
    looks good, i would remove the stone in the centre (or make it small like the others), it's too distracting from that great piece of wood.

    the front left patch of riccia is quite dominating at the minute but they may die back once the plants fill in a little.

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