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3 week old tank

Discussion in 'Aquascaping Journals' started by antonaguila, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. antonaguila

    antonaguila New Member

    Feb 21, 2013
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    Hey guys i just want to share my 3 week old tank. but i have some minor problems...
    so here's my tank specs:
    Tank: Mr aqua 45 aprox. 8-9 G
    Lights: 4 x 8w T5 lights Diy hood (white paint as reflector)
    Co2: Up Aqua 1L. but now i ran out im on DIY
    Substrate: River sand
    cooling fan
    water temp 24 (when cold nights) - 28 (hotest temp)
    Plants : HC, christmas moss, anubias nana petit, hydrocotyle tripartita
    Ferts: Sera Florena

    full shot of the tank

    HC (i grew them emmeresed) i guess they are adjusting... i hope they grow....

    my C02 system

    so i posted my Co2 system because i want to know if there's a way for me to refill it on a normal refilling station.. (because its cheaper there *it takes me 15$ just to refill a 1L tank) and thats just a small tank in a normal refilling station would take me less than a dollar to fill it up....

    so i called them (refilling station) and they told me that i need to have an adaptor... but i dont know where to get those.. maybe some of you guys have encountered this problem.

    some problems in the tank: some fungus on the Drift wood (yes i didnt boil them) but i do water change every other day.
    HC is on a not so carpeting mood some of them grows up but im hoping that they would carpet soon :)

    thanks and greetings from manila! :)
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