Ludwigia arcuata
Needle-Leaf Ludwigia


Background History

Ludwigia arcuata is a tantalizing aquarium plant mesmerizing viewers with its natural red/orange hues and thin figure. Originating in North America, this plant has become a highly desired and popular plant among aquascapers due to its colorful foliage and versatile arrangement in a planted aquarium.

Growth Characteristics

Ludwigia arcuata thrives under high light and carbon enriched environments. The stem is thin and delicate, with opposing slender needle-like leaves on either side. This plant grows remarkably fast under high light, at a rate of approximately ½ inch (1 cm) per day. The height can reach 15 inches (38 cm) and will continue to grow across the surface if permitted.

In less than ideal conditions, growth remains steady, but the coloration remains green. Although still beautiful as a green plant, Ludwigia arcuata is best displayed in its full red/orange glory. High light and regular introduction of micronutrients, specifically iron, will produce the best coloration.

Ludwigia arcuata is easily grown emersed in damp soils. In these conditions it will produce a stunning four petal flower.

Ludwigia arcuata has a naturally tendency to branch making propagation extremely easy. Simply trim off any excess shoot growth and replant.

Aquascaping Application

Ludwigia arcuata is a mainstay aquascaping plant that is highly versatile in a layout. It often looks best in the midground, grouped in a dense stem cluster of 5-7 stems. It responds very well to trimming, and can be manicured to form round hedges and bushes.

The bright red and oranges contrast very well with dark background plants and a green foreground.


Plant Profile
Scientific Name: Ludwigia arcuata
Common Name: Needle-Leaf Ludwigia
Difficulty: Moderate
CO2 Requirements: High
Lighting Requirements: High
Plant Arrangement: Midground
Growth Rate: Moderate
Family: Onagraceae
Genus: Ludwigia
Origin: North America
Plant Type: Stem
Water Hardness: Soft (GH = 4-8 dH)