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International Aquatic Plant Layout Contest 2008 Results PDF Print E-mail
Written by Editorial Staff   

Come one, come all! The International Aquatic Plant Layout Contest 2008 Results have been announced. The International Aquatic Plant Layout Contest (IAPLC) is the largest planted aquarium aquascaping contest in the world. The competition is organized by the number one planted aquarium company, Aqua Design Amano.  Aquascapers from all over the globe spend months to years designing their planted aquariums all for a chance to win thousands of dollars in prize money.


However, for most it’s not about the money. It’s about the ranking. Many aquascapers are seeking bragging rights and recognition for their pieces of “living art.”  It’s a chance to compete and compare your aquascapes to the world’s best.  Each year there is excitement in the air as the results come out and the final ranking number appears next to their aquascapes and names.   You’ll find these same aquascapers announcing their ranking on the forums, blogs, and personal websites. Some are very surprised with how well they ranked, and there are always some who are upset with how other aquascapes ranked better than theirs.

Rank #68: Marcin Peczek from Poland  This much can be said though; each participant should be proud no matter what their final ranking may be. The compilation of aquascapes in this competition is truly world class.    Aquascapers keep pushing the bar, from including waterfalls in their aquariums, to uniquely layout mosses on pedestals. It’s large leap from the standard three stone Iwagumi layouts that used to dominate the aquascaping hobby. New aquatic plants, new arrangements, and attention to detail are all elements that improve year to year. It is mind boggling to see what each aquascaper has achieved. There is no aquascaping competition like this one.

This year boasted 1169 entries from all over the world, the highest number of entries since it began in 2001. The competition revolutionizes the world’s understanding of what an aquarium can be. With a top panel of aquascaping judges, including Takashi Amano providing comments to each aquascape it’s no surprise the number of entries keeps growing. The competition gives purpose and meaning for some hobbyists, while for others it’s a chance to find inspiration and a renewed passion to aquascaping planted aquariums.

Rank #476: Tobias Coring from Germany The IAPLC 2008 does the official commentating and prize awarding in mid-September. The top aquascapes will be displayed at the Nature Aquarium Party held in Tokyo.Takashi Amano and the panel of judges will discuss the winning aquascapes in detail and award the finalists with their prizes. Aquascapers will be able to rub noses with the top aquascapers of the world.  It’s a wonderful end to a competition that celebrates and advances the planted aquarium hobby. For the full list of winners visit the ADA website.


Photos credit to respective authors

Rank #105: Jason Baliban from United States

Rank #105: Jason Baliban from United States






Rank #178: Herpin Renaud from France

Rank #178: Herpin Renaud from France




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