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Raising Wild Caught Fish PDF Print E-mail
Written by Douglas DuHamel   

In today’s aquarium hobby, almost every freshwater tropical fish has been bred in captivity. Many countries have set up fish farms, also known as aquaculture facilities, in order to avoid depleting fish from their native habitat. It is more cost effective for fish stores to buy livestock from fish farms.

Raising Wild Caught Fish

Why Wild Caught Fish are Popular 

  • Wild caught fish usually have brighter colors than farmed fish; therefore, they show very well in an aquarium.

  • Many aquarists are in search of exotic fish because it’s considered a status symbol among their peers.

  • Wild caught fish have a high re-sell value. For example, a rare Red Arrowana can sell for up to $5,000.

  • Breeding wild caught fish can be a money-maker for aquarists.

  • It is perceived as a conservation effort by saving the fish from predators and other hazards in their habitat.

Requirements for Raising Wild Caught Fish

Research and learn all that there is to know about the species. For example:

  • Water temperature and water conditions such as the pH and hardness

  • Diseases which are common to the species and the prescribed treatment

  • Dietary requirements for regular feeding and supplementary meals

  • Compatibility with other fish, if placed in a community tank

  • Tank requirements such as hiding places or type of substrate

 Netting Angel Fish The Downside of Raising Wild Caught Fish

  • Fish are being removed from their natural habitat; therefore, the potential for breeding and maintaining the fish population is lessened.

  • An inexperienced aquarist may not be able to keep the fish alive so the loss of life can also be a financial loss. 
  • Some fish naturally have a short life span and others are longer so it’s best to research the species. Wild caught fish can harbor more parasites and are not as hardy as farmed fish.

If you choose to buy wild caught fish, be sure the seller has the correct paper work and the species of fish is allowed to be sold in your country. There are unscrupulous dealers who are smuggling fish. If you are in possession of illegal fish, you are subject to a fine and the seizure of your fish.

Wild caught fish are attractive because of their vibrant colors and their rarity. This makes each fish and the related shipping costs extremely expensive. They are much more difficult to keep in captivity and any losses are very costly.

Only an experienced aquarist should raise wild caught fish. In addition, the impact of removing fish from their natural habitat is something that needs to be considered.

Farm Raised Fish

Farm raised aquarium fish found in breeding facilities all over the world offer an alternative to the wild caught supply. Fish raised here offer a somewhat sustainable  supply of fauna for the needs of the hobbyists without directly effecting  actually fish populations in rivers and streams.

The trade and sell of wild caught fish will remain attractive to hobbyists who seek the rare and exotic species for their aquariums. 






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