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May 2008 PDF Print E-mail

Welcome to the May Issue of AquaScaping World Magazine!

In every issue we like to include aquascaping guides and tutorials to help you improve your aquascaping skills. Great aquascapes will often feel like they can go on forever. This month we take a look at how to create depth and perspective in planted aquariums to get that effect through plant selection, good layouts, and photography techniques. This discussion pairs well with  another article that explores trimming techniques that can refine your plants and scapes. ASW May 2008 Issue

With summer around the corner, our do-it-yourselfers will enjoy reading tips on creating their own ADA aquarium stand. Making your planted aquarium look good is one thing, but to completing the look of the entire  aquarium setup sometimes it takes some handy work.  Learn to build a stand that matches your aquarium and  house décor.

Last but certainly not least, our Aquascape in Focus features Andre Cardoso’s “Pasodoble”.  His aquascape is a great example of how a well trimmed aquascape can capture nature’s beauty in a glass box.  As you’ll find out in the article, creating such an aquascape isn’t always an easy task.

Have fun with your aquascaping adventures this month!


John Nguyen
Editor in Chief
AquaScaping World Magazine

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