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Planting and Caring for Nana Petite PDF Print E-mail
Written by Stan Chung   

Nicknamed by hobbyists as “nana petite” this neat little plant is one of my favorite low maintenance mid-ground plants. It's not demanding and fills up the little empty spaces in between nooks and crannies. Best of all this tiny plant can be moved around since it's best tied onto small rocks or small pieces of driftwood.  Anubias nana 'Petite" has great aquascaping potential just about every aquarium, including nanos.


Planting Recommendations

Break into smaller branches of 1.5-2.5 inches. Plant by tying to rock or wood blocks with nylon or twist tie-plastic coated wires.

These can be removed once the plant has rooted onto the rock or wood securely.  I normally just leave it especially since the thread will eventually dissolve or become hidden. Makes sure you space the rhizomes of each plant within about an inch of each other to create a fuller look as it grows.

Algae Treatment

Anubias can be prone to algae, but there is an easy way to remove it from the plant. Trim the infected leaves, and soak in 1 part bleach to 20 parts water. The thin filaments of the algae infesting the plant will start to whiten. At this point remove the nana and rinse in some fresh water with a few drops of anti-chlorine and rub each leaf off. Rinse again and your nana's will be looking great again!


Like most anubias, nana petite does not require much  attention. Regular water changes, and the occasional dose of fertilizers will keep this plant healthy.  I  recommend trimming once a month to allow new leaves to grow. Nanas are susceptible to black brush algae [BBA], and Green spot algae [GSA]. This can be an eyesore but as mentioned previously, it is easily remedied.

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