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April 2008 PDF Print E-mail
Written by John Nguyen   

Welcome to AquaScaping World Magazine!

On the heels of our debut launch last month, ASW brings you another jam packed special of aquascaping inspiration and tutorials.

AquaScaping World Magazine Issue 2This month one of our feature articles include an in-depth analysis of the Veni Vidi Vissie Aquascaping Competition Results by Marco Aukes who was a competition judge, and a premier expert in our aquascaping world.  We also continue a scientific exploration of the Anatomy of Aquatic Plants where last month we took a look at the stem, now we are dissecting the leaf. And as always, we have our Aquascape In Focus, interviewing Peter Kirwaian as he demonstrates an effective use of rocks to create an aquascape that is unique and powerful. 

 I would like this opportunity to thank all the contributing writers for creating such wonderful articles for all of us to enjoy. I would also like extend a BIG thank you to all the readers for supporting the magazine, and helping promote its existence all over the internet world. Your continued support and attention has given us a tremendous amount of personal value and satisfaction for all of us who have worked tirelessly to bring you this premiere resource. Without further ado, please enjoy reading all the articles and may you find a new source of aquascaping inspiration!

John Nguyen
Editor in Chief
AquaScaping World Magazine


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