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June 2008 PDF Print E-mail

Summer is here, and so is the June Issue of AquaScaping World Magazine!

Our special treat this month is an in-depth interview with professional aquascaper,  George Lo. He shares with us his aquascaping philosophies, experiences, and some of his favorite aquascapes. 

AquaScaping World Magazine June 2008This summer season perhaps try something a little different.  How about creating a little magic outside?  This month, Liz Marchio shows us exactly how to create an urban pond, while inspiring us with some helpful tips and photographs of what can be accomplished.  

For those who want to focus on “creating magic in glass boxes” indoors, there are fantastic tutorials inside that will help you along.  Most notably, Roy Deki kicks off the tutorials with a  discussion on the types of aquascaping materials available to hobbyists.  You can use your  newfound knowledge to develop a hardscape that will capture the attention of any of your houseguests.  In a few months, you might have an wonderful scape like our June Aquascape in Focus, “Broken Stone Garden,” which illustrates a way to use large stones effectively in a layout. 

But that’s not all! Get those digital cameras out because once you’re done reading this month’s aquatic photography tutorial you’ll be taking photographs like a pro. You don’t even need to have an expensive camera!

So, whether it’s inside or outside, have a great time  with your aquascaping adventures this month!

John Nguyen
Editor in Chief
AquaScaping World Magazine 

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