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July 2008 PDF Print E-mail

Check out our July Issue!  Nano aquascapes are one of the hardest layouts to design and maintain because of their small sizes.  But when done right, like our Aquascape in Focus this Month, Shimming Hills by Jeff Pogrob, they can be a great ascent piece to your home or office.

The nice thing about nano tanks is that they can be easily transported.  This aspect came in handy for aquascapers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,  where local aquascapers gathered together to compete in a regional Nano Aquascaping Competition.    AquaScaping World Magazine July 2008They drained their aquariums, loaded them up, and brought their tanks back to their full beauty.  Stan Chung gives us a blow by blow of the events at the Midvalley Convention Centre, and shows us some of the great nano aquascapes among the tables and tables of aquariums.

A few stone throws away, in Japan, Steven Chong visits a Tokyo Aquarium Event and shares with us photos of some of the top planted aquariums and rare fish brought to the event.  Although some of these tanks aren’t so nano, they are exquisite works of living art.   

Try to stay cool this summer. Happy a great month aquascaping!

John Nguyen
Editor in Chief
AquaScaping World Magazine



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