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Nano Aquascaping Competition 2008 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Stan Chung   

A little introduction of our club-MAC, it was formed unofficially in 2006 as a forum based club at  Our goal at the time was simple; get as many aquascaping crazy people together as possible!

Nana Aquascaping Competition 2008 

What started as a handful of members has now picked up steadily with more than a hundred active members. Looking back, I think we have been lucky to have the continuing support of our sponsors who have helped us keep the site running and allow us to organize our competitions.  The 1st was with East Aqua Studios and ACT-Aquatic Creations Technologies also know as ADA Malaysia.

The 1st competition was very challenge and took more than 3 months to organize. This one took us a little over a month and although it was short notice, we pulled it off by keeping the rules simple. No bigger than an 18” cube nature style aquascape tank.

So anybody who had a ready tank at home could bring it over and have a go! No entry fees, plus lots of goodies from our sponsors, EA studios, ACT and Advance Reef-distributors of Seachem in Malaysia.

We decided that with so little time, you could put in more than one entry by only win one prize. Luckily we had that clause in or else our chap Nasir Abas would have walked away with the 3rd prize as well!

Mac Aquascaping Competition Tanks 

The 1st placed tank looked stunning in person as the grass looked in perfect condition and contrasted well with the nicely textured rock. 2nd place was won by yours truly for my last minute put together effort.  Not an excuse but I’ve never kept a nano tank, much preferring larger setups! 3rd place was won by Steven Yong with a nice rock and wood design.

The judges said it was close between the top three scores and the decider begin the category – “aquatic plants conditions’.

After all the spoils have been divided, I would like to thank all our judges and sponsors including Daisy and from Advanced Reef who could not make it for the prize presentation. Special thanks to the organizers of the event, Jonathan Kan-Fem-Fairs and Event Management, and Pet World 2008 who sponsored the show.

No rest for us as we prepare for the biggest Aquatic show in Malaysia in November 20-23, Aquafair 2008. It will be more than nano tanks!


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