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August 2008 PDF Print E-mail

Inside our August Issue

Well we’ve done it!  We’ve reached our sixth issue of the AquaScaping Magazine.  This month we feature exclusive articles on starting up a planted aquarium and lessons learned from the mouths of experienced aquascapers.  

A true hobbyist, George Farmer, shares with us his aquascapes and his aquascaping philosophies. Learn something new from these experienced aquascapers, and take a gander at their take on aquascaping and planted aquariums. AquaScaping World Magazine August 2008

Our Aquascape in Focus this Month features Sunny Grassland, a stunning planted aquarium. The aquascaper behind this beauty is William Ng, who creates colorful sunrise effects on his backgrounds. You’ll be amazed at how simple he makes it look.

And, if you’re looking for something a little different for your aquascape, why not try creating a custom rocky-type background with terraces?  Kristen Danker recounts her experiences creating this unique element for her planted aquarium.

With the summer winding down, we here at ASW hope you have a great month aquascaping!

John Nguyen
Editor in Chief
AquaScaping World Magazine 


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