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The Veni Vidi Vissie recently announced their long awaited results of their 2007 Aquascaping Competition. This year’s contest boasts over eighty-six aquarium submissions in seven different categories ranging from tank size categories to biotypes and paladariums.



According to Marco Aukes a judge for the competition and site administrator, most of the contest entries reflected “the old Dutch School of Aquascaping, with a slight influences of Takashi Amano’s Nature Style here and there.”

What is the Veni Vidi Vissie? 

The Veni Vidi Vissie (VVV) is a Netherland based forum community that started over five years ago for Dutch and Belgian aquarium hobbyists.  Some might remember, the original name of the forum as “Veni Vidi Vici”, meaning “I came, I saw and I conquered”. The word “Vici” was later replaced with “Vissie” meaning fishes in Dutch. Put together, the new title “Veni Vidi Vissie” literally means, "I came, I saw and I keep Fishes".

One of many winning aquascapes In the five years since the site started, the VVV has now grown to be the largest aquarium forum for the Netherlands and Belgium area with more than 5,000 active members.  The  annual aquascaping contest began two years ago, and were designed to showcase the talent of Netherland aquacapers.   Unlike their Japanse aquascapers, the majority of the aquascapers in this area embrace the lush, Dutch style of aquascaping.  Aquascapers stick to rigid techniques that include design an aquarium with many colorful plant species that are trimmed to perfection.

What are the aquascaping judges looking for in winners? 

Aukes states the highly esteemed panel of judges (Christel Kasselmann, NBAT Judges: Ab Ras, Adrie van Holstein, Erik Prins and himself) looked for aquascapes that represented a large diversity of plant species that were in pristine health.  The aquascaper who could accomplish maintaining these components demonstrated their expertise and mastery of designing aquatic plants in a Dutch influenced style.  The judges also examined the selection and health of fish and other fauna as secondary criteria.

1st Place BiotopeBesides healthy plants and species variety, many winning Dutch style aquascapes follow “De Gulden snede” meaning “The Golden Rule”.  This rule is often used in photography to divide a rectangular frame into thirds, from top to bottom, and left to right.  Positioning the focal point in these zones engages the viewer and makes the composition more natural.

Each year, the winner of the completion receives the "Willem van der Klooster" Trophy, named after a man who ignited inspiration among aquascapers as a judge from the NBAT.  This trophy is passed down to winner to winner. Marco Aukes gives us an inside look on the top aquascapes placed as they did in the following pages. You can see the completed results and all of the submitted aquascapes on the Veni Vidi Vissie site: You can also view more of the details and get more comments for Aukes in the full article in the ASW magazine.






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