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  1. affinis
    affinis Tim Harrison
    Hi Tim, I’ve just joined this group, and I just wanted to say how pleased I was to find your nice balanced, sensible write up on Walstad type tanks? I’ve been running aquaria in much this way for over twenty years. Call it an addiction, obsession, whatever you like, but I find it so much more rewarding than fighting everything. It’s such a shame so few people ever get to try this. Keep up the good work!
    1. Tim Harrison
      Tim Harrison
      Thank you for your kind word affinis. It's always nice to hear from like minded folk.
      Nov 30, 2017
      affinis likes this.
  2. Dicky
  3. Jason O
    Jason O Nigel95
    Hi - My name is Jason Oneppo and I am the managing editor at Aquarium Hobbyist Magazine http://aquariumhobbyistmagazine.com/. I was looking at your Forest Scape and it looks amazing. Would you be interested in having it featured in our magazine and sharing it with the rest of the world? Kind Regards - Jason jason@ahmag.com
    1. Nigel95
      Thanks for your interest but the scape is not finished yet. So I don't want it posted atm.
      Oct 5, 2017
  4. jason808
    Newb here!
  5. MazMark
    Just getting back into the hobby after too many years of constant moving. I will be setting up a 90gal tank over the next month or so.
  6. kayla
    Just got my first planted aquarium a few weeks ago pls tell me how it looks
  7. yhoxz
  8. Nina Rivera
    Nina Rivera
    How do you post pictures on this thing? Lol
    1. kayla
      Same I cannot figure it out lol
      Aug 9, 2017
  9. Nina Rivera
    Nina Rivera
    Trying to get knowledge on the Aquascaping life =)
  10. HenrySheehan
    Hi. I'm from Tipperary in Ireland. I'm 39 years of age and am looking for information for a ambitious project I'm about to undertake. Thanks
  11. Wendy1B
    Help! Collectoritis has stricken!
    1. Shane P. likes this.
  12. s.hop3r
    s.hop3r J Art
    i was trying to figure out a way to message you but this seems like the only way on here. i was looking through your first Iwagami tank thread and noticed your photography skills. how do you prevent your reflection from showing up in your photos or videos? really great work, aquascaping skills and photography alike.
  13. Pareeeee
  14. Jake5660
    Aspiring to aquascape
  15. Tim Harrison
  16. Tim Harrison
    Tim Harrison
    Tim Harrison
  17. gpnslp
    Noob newbie
  18. J Art
    J Art
    Interviewed George Farmer and received a compliment from Art Pennom today...Aquascaping Podcast goals completed...
  19. ShadowMac
    sometimes a little personal effort in researching a topic can go a long way..
  20. ShadowMac
    Aquascaping can be a metaphor for life...think about it...

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