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New Profile Posts

  1. Nina Rivera
    Nina Rivera
    How do you post pictures on this thing? Lol
  2. Nina Rivera
    Nina Rivera
    Trying to get knowledge on the Aquascaping life =)
  3. HenrySheehan
    Hi. I'm from Tipperary in Ireland. I'm 39 years of age and am looking for information for a ambitious project I'm about to undertake. Thanks
  4. Wendy1B
    Help! Collectoritis has stricken!
    1. Shane P. likes this.
  5. s.hop3r
    s.hop3r J Art
    i was trying to figure out a way to message you but this seems like the only way on here. i was looking through your first Iwagami tank thread and noticed your photography skills. how do you prevent your reflection from showing up in your photos or videos? really great work, aquascaping skills and photography alike.
  6. Pareeeee
  7. Jake5660
    Aspiring to aquascape
  8. Tim Harrison
  9. Tim Harrison
    Tim Harrison
    Tim Harrison
  10. gpnslp
    Noob newbie
  11. J Art
    J Art
    Interviewed George Farmer and received a compliment from Art Pennom today...Aquascaping Podcast goals completed...
  12. ShadowMac
    sometimes a little personal effort in researching a topic can go a long way..
  13. ShadowMac
    Aquascaping can be a metaphor for life...think about it...
  14. thaDUKE
    something for nothing
  15. Dantrasy
    just scaping
  16. Dantrasy
    pl to led
  17. ShadowMac
    recording some bits for The Aquascaping Podcast and updating my journals
  18. cooledwhip
    cooledwhip J Art
    Hey I was recommended by Shawn to check out your DIY Led? I don't see the post or thread you created about it (I'm assuming you made one).
    1. J Art
  19. Southern Aquarist
    Southern Aquarist
    40g is on it's way! :)
  20. cooledwhip

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