Zack Horzitski (Victoria, Australia)

Zack Horzitski has been involved in planted aquaria for nearly seventeen years since picking up a copy of the Dupla book, “The Optimum Aquarium”. During a ten year hiatus from aquaria, Horzitski was inspired by Takashi Amano’s “Nature Aquarium World” books and gained a new perspective on the planted aquarium. Horzitski is a moderator of one of Australia’s largest aquaria and aquarium plant forums called Aquarium Life and enjoys collecting new aquatic plants as they become available in Australia.

Guillermo Barrientos (Santiago, Chile)

Guillermo Barrientos is a moderator of the “” Forum and an avid and accomplished aquascaper. In 2009 and 2010, he placed 80th and 277th place in the International Aquatic Plant Layout Competition, respectively. In those same years, he placed 3rd and 6th in the Acuavida Aquascaping Contest.

Justin Law (Hong Kong)

Justin Law is a core member of the Creative Aquascape Union (CAU). Law has been actively aquascaping for over the past six years. He enjoys creating mini-aquascapes. In 2005 and 2006, Law won the Best of Show Awards from the Aquatic Gardeners Association (AGA). In 2006, Law achieved an impressive #26 ranking in the International Aquatic Plant Layout Contest. Law works as freelance photographer.

Dave Chow (Hong Kong)

Dave Chow is the Director of Aqua Art Hong Kong Limited and a member of the Creative Aquascape Union (CAU). Chow is an accomplished aquascaper taking Grand Prize in 2007 in the International Aqauatic Plant Layout Contest. Two years later, in 2009, he won the Bronze prize from the prestigious competition. In addition, in 2007 and 2008 Chow won Best of the Show Awards from the Aquatic Gardeners Association (AGA) Aquarium Plant Layout Contest.

Stan Chung (Malaysia)

Stan Chung has been aquascaping since 2000 and has a background in television commercial directing, photography, and graphic design. Stan is an active participant in,, & other International forums like AquaScaping World. Since 2006, Stan has hosted several planted aquarium workshops and organized local competitions such as the Malayasian Aquascaping Competition and the Aquafair Planted Tank Competition 2008. Most recently, Stan was a judge in the Aquarama 2009 Planted Tank competition & Singapore IAPLC 2009 & 2010.

Harald Sossna (Germany)

Harald Sossna is the owner of “Das Aquarium” which started in 1989. Since 2008, Sossna has organized a LIVE aquascaping contest held in Germany called “The Art of the Planted Aquarium”.

Tobias Fricke (Germany)

Tobias Fricke has been involved in the aquarium hobby since 1990, and for the past ten years has been a serious aquascaper. Fricke has been a frequent participant in “The Art of the Planted Aquarium” event since 2008. Most recently he was the grand winner at the event in 2009.

Enrico Serena (Italy)

Enrico Serena has been involved in the aquarium hobby for the past 10 years. Serena has been an active aquascaper and moderator of an Italian aquascaping and planted aquarium community called and maintains a blog called where he shares his aquascapes and experiences. In the past two years, Serena has participated in the International Aquatic Plant Layout Competition, Aquatic Gardener’s Association Competition, and the Aquatic Scapes Europe Aquascaping Contest. Last year, Serena attended the Nature Aquarium Party in Tokyo and and realized a big dream, visiting Japan.

Raymond Sowden (South Africa)

Raymond Sowden has been keeping fish and killing plants since about 1993. While looking for a more simplistic way of growing aquarium plants, Sowden stumbled across Diana Walstad’s Natural Planted aquariums, and later Dutch and Nature style based layouts. His enjoyment for gardening and growing bonsai trees translated well into developing miniature aquatic gardens underwater. Growing aquatic plants underwater soon became an obsession. Sowden has been seriously aquascaping since 2007.

Art (United States)

Art is the founder of a large planted aquarium community called “Aquatic Plant Central”. Art is currently hosting an audio pod cast called “” where aquascapers and key members of the planted aquarium community discuss their experiences in aquascaping.

Jason Baliban (United States)

Jason Baliban has been an active aquascaper and planted aquarium hobbyist since the late 1990s. Baliban is an accomplished aquascaper and aquatic photographer. He currently is a columnist for the Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine where he discusses anything related to planted aquariums.