Dragon Imprint
by Tong Hoang Minh Duc

Start: 2010-12-30   Finish: 2011-03-08 (68 days)

Location: Saigon, Dong Nam Bo, Vietnam

Width: 47cm   Length: 31cm   Depth: 47cm Volume: 220l

Lighting: 4x30w T8

CO2: Pressurized CO2   Substrate: Gravel/Small Rocks

Description: Fish: Angel fish , Neon tetra ... My Inspiration is Amazon river , I think this river very wild , flora and fauna is very diversity . Next : My goals is extension aquatic plant in Viet Nam , and important is Biotope layout . Important factors motivated me to ASWC is expansion of international exchange . Thanks All !!!

Plant list:
  • Echinodorus uruguayensis (Uruguay amazon sword)
  • Vallisneria americana (Dwarf vallisneria)
Fish list: